Bearings and Breakfast

When Jimmy Arata, a member of the Central Indiana Region Porsche Club of America contacted DreamMakers Automotive about hosting a unique and different event from the everyday norm for the local Porsche Club, the two knew right away that the event would certainly be a good one!

The Goal

Jimmy wanted to plan an event that discussed a hot topic issue among current Porsche owners. The infamous IMS bearing! After talking with Jared, the two decided that planning a Saturday morning breakfast, and tech session to discuss the bearing would be the best way to go. Even though the Porsche Club has had multiple breakfasts and related events, Jimmy and Jared knew that this event would and had to be different. With everything that Dream Makers Automotive has to offer, like an incredibly knowledgeable Service and Performance team, a location and venue like none other, and a staff line up that is simply unmatched, the wheels started spinning!


 The Plan

It was decided that the breakfast and tech session would take place on Saturday, April 11th. From there, it was a matter of praying for perfect weather and a great turn out. Jared used Dream Maker’s connections at Fort Wayne’s famous restaurant and hot spot, Club Soda , to plan out an amazing breakfast display, including hot and cold items, and everything needed to start the event off right! Meanwhile, Nate Corwin, our Service and Performance Manager began talking with local club member Rick Campodonico, who owns a 2001 Porsche Carrera convertible. Rick had shown interest in replacing his IMS bearing for an insurance standpoint to ensure he wouldn’t have any future problems. It was decided that Rick would donate his car as the guinea pig in exchange for a good rate on labor costs. Nate developed a plan with him to replace the IMS bearing and supporting parts.


As the event drew near, the turnout was expected to exceed our original number of estimated attendees, which meant that we had planned a great event! The weather forecast couldn’t have looked more perfect for a Mid-April event, and because of this, Jared decided to reach out yet again to his contacts. Jared and Jimmy had the idea to come up with some sort of cruise or drive to take place after the tech session with Nate. Jared called Tamra Henry, the General Manager of Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee. With Spring in the air, the folks at the Oakwood had been hard at work opening up their beautiful resort for the warmer season. Tamra was more than happy to accommodate a group of happy customers for lunch and a tour after the fun, back roads cruise to Lake Wawasee.  If you’ve never been to the Oakwood Resort, you’re missing out. The group of 20-25 people that participated in the cruise enjoyed a few hours of a relaxing lunch unlike any other. With an unmatched view here in Indiana, lunch on the lake sounded perfect.


The Turnout

With an estimated 50-60 guests at the tech session and breakfast, and 20-25 of those attending the back roads cruise to the Oakwood Resort for lunch, the day couldn’t have turned out better! Comments from the crowd included things like “wow, that was the best breakfast we’ve had in a while!” and “we couldn’t have picked a better place to have this event!” and “the staff at the Oakwood was extremely pleasant and took great care of everyone!”

Pictures from the Tech Session and Breakfast



Pictures from the Cruise to Oakwood Resort & Lunch