Full Detailing Package on a Brand New Chevrolet Equinox

Have you recently, or do you plan on purchasing a brand new car soon? If so, don’t assume your new investment is protected from the elements, or that in it’s best possible condition from the new car dealership! Also beware of the dealership coatings and protection plans that provide limited term protection at a maximum price.

This brand new Chevrolet Equinox AWD LTZ has only 10 miles on it, and just received our works package. Included services were our full paint correction, (yes even brand new cars come with scratches and micro swirls and can extremely benefit from a correction and polish), clear bra installation on front and rear bumpers, rocker panels, grille, hood, A-pillars, forward facing part of the roof, and the door cups underneath exterior door handles, and 22ple paint coating on all other exterior surfaces not protected with clear bra, also including door jams, chrome accents and emblems.


This vehicle also received our 22ple window treatment on all exterior windows, rated at 15,000 miles, and received 22ple trim protection on all exterior plastic. The wheels were removed, and coated with lifetime warrantied glass coating, the tires received our black pearl tire armour, rated at several months of shine, and the undercarriage was cleaned and protected, giving this vehicle’s entire exterior complete high quality protection all the way around for years to come.

On the interior, a quick spruce up was done, and our lifetime warrantied micro-seal coating was applied to all interior leather and upholstery, sure to protect for life against stains and normal wear and tear. The front two windows were also tinted with our highest quality ceramic tint, tinted to match the rear windows in shade color.

Stop by today to get a quote on these services and more before your new investment sees anymore miles and is exposed to the elements!