Putnam Park Road Course Track Day for Another Happy Customer

Jason Parent purchased his 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 from us here at DreamMakers Automotive in the summer of 2014. DreamMakers Automotive has a unique and awesome agreement set up with the crew over at Putnam Park Road Course in Indianapolis. Certain cars purchased through us are eligible for a free track day down at the raceway, courtesy of a combined effort between the raceway, and DMA.



The Track Day:

On Thursday, April 30th, DMA helped create the experience of a lifetime for Mr. Parent and his Z-28 by taking him down to the Putnam Park Road Course for his private, free track day! The DMA crew loaded up the stunning all black Z-28 on the night prior, making sure they had everything they would need for a flawless track day. Jason met at DMA at 6 am on Thursday morning, and set off for Indianapolis.

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 After arriving, Jason had at least 4 hours of actual track time with a paid race instructor. This was Jason’s first time on the track, and most first time racers average near a 1:50 lap time. Once instructed, Jason and his Z-28 ran an average lap time of 1:30! How awesome is that? To give you more perspective of what an accomplishment that was, there was also a 2015 Porsche GT3 on the track that day, and the owner of that car is a weekly racer at Putnam. He was averaging 1:20 lap times! Jason didn’t do too bad for his first time!



After the amazing day on the track, Jason and Nate loaded up and returned home by 7 pm, calling it a very successful event! Although the pictures paint a pretty clear picture of the day’s events, Nate was able to capture this short video showing Jason in action, hitting 4th gear at about 130 mph! Check it out by CLICKING HERE!

 More About Putnam Park Road Course:

Putnam Park Road Course is a 1.78 mile, 10 turn road course that opened in 1991. The track is located 35 miles west of Indianapolis and is open for club events and professional team testing. The track is open year round, weather permitting, and can schedule events at any time! The car has hosted a multitude of events, including F1 Series test cars! Find out more about the raceway by CLICKING HERE to take you to their website!